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6-String Banjo Lesson - Brad Davis

 This is a useful lesson from Brad Davis. I love the sound of his Deering banjitar! Maybe someday Deering will want to sponsor me or want me as an endorser! (I can always dream!)

The “King of All Banjitars”

 You can buy more expensive, fancier instruments, but for sheer volume and “sheets of sound,” nothing tops a 12-string banjitar!

“Keep Me Around” - Gregg Daly

This is a nice tune that features banjitar prominently. My favorite role for the banjitar is supporting guitar and vocals. This song has a nice solo in the middle. 

Amazing-Sounding 1917 12-String Banjitar

 This thing has an amazing sound! Where can I get one?
 Here’s a new lesson I posted on my Rumble and YouTube channels a few days ago. This one is about plectrum techniques.  Rumble link:

“Dream a Little Dream of Me” Banjitar Demo

 Here is a demo from YouTuber Tracy Badger. She plays a Gold Tone banjitar beautifully as accompaniment for a strong vocal. Enjoy!

Video: D Scale Drone Exercise

 This is an exercise that helps develop finger dexterity. It’s useful for solos and playing accompaniment lines.