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Gretsch Dixie 6 Banjitar Review

The Dixie 6 is Gretsch's offering in the banjitar market. Gretsch has put out a collection of "roots" instruments like mandolins, resonator guitars, Irish tenor banjos, and the 6-string banjo. The Dixie 6 has a 25 inch scale length, which is a very comfortably reach for most guitar players, in that it lies between the 25 1/2 inch scale length of Gibson and the 25 1/2 inch scale of a Fender Strat-style guitar. (Note: scale length is the playable length of string between the nut and the bridge.) The guitar is a closed-back design without a resonator. The instrument is thus quieter than one with a resonator, but has a bit more projection than one with an open back. 

The Dixie 6 has a maple neck and fingerboard, which is an attractive feature that will feel familiar to many electric guitarists who want a change of sound on a track. The rim is laminated maple with a curly maple veneer. The hardware includes 24 brackets to tension the head, a chrome armrest, and vintage-looking open-gear tuning machines. The headstock is overlaid with a "mother-of-toilet-seat" veneer, giving it a chic, art-deco look.

Sonically, the instrument has less volume and projection than designs with a resonator and a 26 1/2-inch scale, but it is fine for playing in the living room or home studio. Gretsch quality and attention to detail is evident as the fretwork and finish are great. The instrument retails for around $499.00 US.


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