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Shopping for a banjitar? What are the differences?

The banjitar is growing in popularity. During the pandemic, a lot of people decided to learn a stringed instrument and, perhaps, some guitar players began to explore some other options. There are a lot of videos on YouTube of various product demonstrations, but few people actually talk about the differences between the various models. I'm fortunate to have three banjitars in my collection. Each one of them is constructed somewhat differently and those differences influence the sound quite a bit. In this video, I present an open-back banjitar, and two closed back models. One of the closed-back models had a cast aluminum pot/rim while the other has a traditional wooden rim with no tone ring. I also demonstrate how different tunings and string configurations can give you some cool, creative options. Before you buy a banjitar, you should watch this video to see what appeals to you most.


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