Monday, May 31, 2021

Banjitar Duet Improvisation by G.D. West

 This one is from yours truly. I sat down and recorded one part completely off-the-cuff. After the take, I switched to a different instrument and went for a second, contrasting part. One banjitar is a closed-back model in standard tuning, the other is an open-back model in Nashville tuning. Enjoy!

Vega Banjitar: Nice!

Here is a nice demo of a Vega banjitar, played plectrum-style. One of the nice things about the 6-string banjo is that it is very adaptable. You can play it fingerstyle for folk music, but you an also strum it like a tenor banjo. The Vega shown here is an open-back model, which is a little bit softer in tone than one with a resonator on the back.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Amazing! Mozart on Banjitar

 This would sound amazing on any stringed instrument, but this is stunning on the banjitar! It really makes use of the unique qualities of the instrument.