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Banjitar Duet Improvisation by G.D. West

 This one is from yours truly. I sat down and recorded one part completely off-the-cuff. After the take, I switched to a different instrument and went for a second, contrasting part. One banjitar is a closed-back model in standard tuning, the other is an open-back model in Nashville tuning. Enjoy!


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Kate Wolf Cover by G.D. West

  A cover of the classic “Across the Great Divide” by Kate Wolf. The banjitar is in Nashville tuning with a capo on the 4th fret. Enjoy!  

A Couple of New Lesson Videos

 I did a couple of instruction videos lately. Here they are. Enjoy!

Keith Urban - "Somebody Like You"

 Keith Urban has been one of the biggest stars to prominently feature the banjitar is their music. He also favors the Deering Boston model, which is one of the upper-tier instruments in the banjitar world.  Recommendation