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Showing posts from June, 2021

Cover: “Suzanne”

 A cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne” by yours truly. This is on my standard tuning banjitar, recorded with pickup into my effects and amp, then with my iPhone.

Kate Wolf Cover by G.D. West

  A cover of the classic “Across the Great Divide” by Kate Wolf. The banjitar is in Nashville tuning with a capo on the 4th fret. Enjoy!  

Song Instructions from Keith Urban

 Keith Urban takes the time to show the licks from two of his songs on his Deering banjitar. Keith is probably responsible for popularizing the banjitar in his music today. Thanks, Keith!

Gold Tone EB-6 Electric Banjitar

 This is a really good demo of the EB-6 by Gold Tone. Solid body with a humbucking pickup. Very clean and solid sounding. Way cooler than I expected.

G.D. West: Improvised Banjitar and Guitar Duet

 This is from yours truly. This is another free Improvisation I recorded. The banjitar was the first take, followed immediately with a guitar part. Hope you like it.

Indian Banjitar Raga

 This one is interesting! Indian music played on banjitar with accompaniment by a doumbek drum and flute.

“Dan-Joe” Tuning/Modified Gold Tone

Banjitar players seem to enjoy innovating new t7nings and setup ideas. This one uses a traditional G tuning, but the bridge and nut were re-notched to have the bass strings tuned in a pair like a 12-string. Interesting idea.

“There Will Never Be Another You” — Swinging Banjitar!

 This is a great solo plectrum-style performance with snare drum accompaniment. I love how the banjitar can cover such a wide range of tones and techniques. Enjoy!

Banjo vs. Banjitar Memes

Ever get tired of snooty banjo players asking you “Why don’t you learn to play a REAL banjo?” Just slap a meme on them. Here you go—